Park City Main Street

The Park City art scene is astounding!

With global attention on this city for its stunning landscapes and its renowned Deer Valley Ski Resort, the Park City art scene is gathering international exposure. Over a dozen uniquely curated art galleries have filled the downtown core.

If you’re looking for something to do in Park City, its impressive art galleries and world-class festivals will have you covered.

Local and international artists are broadly represented in the city’s 18 art galleries and are showcased in the several arts festivals that happen during the summer months.

Events like the Kimball Arts Festival and the Latino Arts Festival enliven the city with art, dance, and music, bringing the community together to celebrate…

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Hot air balloons over Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah is one of the most fantastic cities in the United States. With its jaw-dropping landscape, historic Main Street, and world-class ski-resort, there’s no wonder why Park City has been one of the most popular vacation destinations in Utah.

Over 600,000 tourists flock to Park City every year to experience the city’s natural beauty and unbeatable outdoor activities.

With so much to do and see in Park City, you won’t find a reason not to come here. So, here is everything you need to know about how and when to visit Park City, Utah:

Traveling to Park City, Utah

Park City is extremely close to Salt Lake City and Salt Lake City International Airport, making this vacation destination easily accessible from both local and…

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Peace House Blog Title Card

Who Are They

Since forming their Domestic Peace Task Force in 1992, the team at Peace House has been fully committed to ending family violence and abuse in the state of Utah through a series of comprehensive and compassionate services, including education, outreach, shelter, and support services. It’s shocking to know that 1 in 3 Utah women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and Peace House has been working diligently over the past several years to raise awareness and provide multifaceted support to victims.

In 1995, the inaugural Peace House shelter was built in the Park City area, depending solely on the hard work of generous volunteers. Since that time, Peace House has evolved exponentially, now recognized as a…

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Hot air balloons over Park City, Utah

Park City is quickly gaining a reputation as a go-to destination for tourism and as a fantastic city to relocate to.

That comes as no surprise to those of us who know this city well.

The fantastic landscapes, recreational opportunities, and small-town atmosphere are difficult to beat - not to mention the awesome location, with Salt Lake City just over the mountains.

So, if you're interested in Park City real estate - either for an investment property or to relocate here - then read on for some useful details and inside information.

Living in Park City, Utah

First off, if you're relocating to Park City with a family, you're probably looking for some great schools, right?

No one wants to spend an hour in traffic just to take the kids…

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Young adults having fun in Park City confetti blowing kisses

When you think of Park City, you think of the spectacular slopes and make Park City skiing a yearly tradition for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re planning a couple’s getaway, an adventure with friends, or a family vacation, Park City is a true haven for avid skiers.

But wait:

What is there to do in Park City if you’re ski-ed out, or have no interest in taking up the sport?

Have no fear - the Park City community offers all kinds of unique, family-friendly, and highly acclaimed activities to explore, from adrenaline-boosting thrill rides to Sunday market strolls.

Check out our list of things to do in Park City, including summer highlights and year-round favorites.

Ride A Coaster

Thrill seekers rejoice!

Park City is…

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View of Deer Valley Ski Resort from chair lift

What makes a community so amazing that it is loved all over the world?

How about a top-rated ski resort, world-class entertainment, incredible shopping, the best restaurants, and amazing homes and condos? Oh, and some of the nicest people on the planet.


Deer Valley - The Story

Utah may not be the first place you think of when you think of world-class luxury, but it should be when you think of Deer Valley.

It was nearly 40 years ago when developer Edgar Stern brought his vision of a luxury hotel, gourmet food, and world-class skiing to the densely wooded mountainside near Park City, Utah.

This vision ended up turning the ski-resort industry on its head. Deer Valley not only set the new benchmark for how a…

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Apres ski party skiers at top of chair lift having fun at Park City Mountain

Are you ready for the best end-of-season party around?

Welcoming that sweet spring sunshine back, Park City's Spring Grüv promises 16 days of huge free concerts, and now in it's 12th year, this year is going to be the best yet!

If you have just joined the Park City community, then this is the perfect introduction to our city coming together to enjoy the last few days of the winter season on the slopes.

This après-ski event also signals a change in the real estate season, so keep a close eye on Park City ski properties - this is a fantastic time to think about ski properties!

And if free music and family events weren't enough, Park City's Pond Skimming Contest is back with a vengeance! The most popular party in Park City is celebrating it's…

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Bottom line: The Park City housing market should maintain steady and healthy growth in 2019.

Park City Utah real estate is a smart buy.

In the 2018 Summit and Wasatch County Annual Statistics Year-End Summary Report, The Park City Board of REALTORS® revealed that last year was a "diverse and mixed market" for real estate in Park City.

The median sales price in 2018 for Park City real estate reached an all-time high and total dollar sales shattered historical records - all done over fewer transactions than in previous years.

But, there were no big increases and inventory was higher than expected. Park City real estate is actually more affordable than 10 years ago.

In her interview with NPR's KPCW, Sheila Hall, Park City Board of Realtors…

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Image of mountain cyclist with Mountain Trails Charity Foundation

Who are they

Mountain Trails Foundation is a member-driven, non-profit organization that is dedicated to building, maintaining, and protecting trails for non-motorized recreation in the Park City area.

Established in 1992 when Park City only had a few hand-cut trails that were primarily on private land, the Mountain Trail Foundation began advocating for trails and worked with local government entities, private landowners, and developers to expand the city’s trail system. Today, there is over 400 miles of non-motorized trails in Park City.

What they do

The Mountain Trails Foundation works together with “Trail Partners” in the community to garner support to carry-out their important work.

In the summer months, they work hard to make sure…

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Before you rent:

Figure out if the math works

Before you move too far ahead in the planning stages, make sure renting your ski property makes sense for you. Start by analyzing what it will cost you to rent the home versus the income you can expect to generate. Include expenses such as maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance, repairs, and amenities.

Decide if you are going to be the one managing the rental or if you’ll be hiring a company.

While managing the rental property will result in more of a financial return for you, it does mean more work for you as well. Investigate other options, such as online booking systems like Airbnb or HomeAway, or a property management company.


Your insurance needs will likely depend on how…

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